BLESSINGS premieres new song of off new album Biskopskniven

There are elements of hardcore, punk, crust, noise rock, heavy post rock and indie rock in BLESSINGS’ sound… there are moments that remind of AT THE DRIVE IN and moments that remind of CONVERGE, sometimes even in the same track, and the Gothenburg 4-piece merges these very disparate ends of the spectrum of heavy guitar music into a cohesive, intriguing and idiosyncratic sound.

„One particular thing that really shaped the sound of “Biskopskniven” was the drums“, comments percussionist and synth player Erik Skytt. „Most tracks were written with a very loop- and groove-based approach, a sort of drum manifesto made by drummer Mattias Rasmusson, which gave the songs a very different foundation to build upon, as compared to most of the debut album. No frills, just machinelike repetition and simplicity.“

„Biskopskniven“ was truly a joint creative effort on all the band members parts, we agreed that we would not give this album out of our hands and into the world until it was precisely the record we wanted it to be“, comments Johan G. Winther. „We were shooting for a deep sound with texture stacked upon texture, and new things to discover with every listen. We worked hard to give each track its own distinct voice, and although it was a difficult birth at times, we feel that ‘Biskopskniven’ could not have come together any other way.“

PREORDER START: March 30th, 2021
RELEASE DATE: May 21st, 2021

Johan G. Winther – guitars/vocals
Mattias Rasmusson – drums
Fredrik Karlsson – bass/vocals
Erik Skytt – percussion/keys

Bittervatten [ALBUM] – Released June 5th, 2012
Black Vestals [SINGLE] – Released December 11th, 2012
Biskopskniven – [ALBUM] – Released May 21, 2021

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