Progressive metal outfit from Denmark, Cold Night For Alligators, have dropped their brand new single ‘Nostalgic’, today. A straight-up banger with a lot of brilliant nuances. Solid riffs, electronics, and rhythmic oddities in a blender with a total complex and catchy outcome. The song feels like a nice continuation of both proggy and more metal influences. The video was shot and edited by their friend Jacob Harris, who integrated live-action, the lyrics, and a cool, throwback video-game aesthetic.

Johan Pedersen (vocals) on the song: “We’re a weird band and have gotten quite a bit of hate over the time, both in person and online. Now we finally wrote a proper “metal” song, so it seemed appropriate to write about this. I guess this is a kind of loving middle finger to a metal scene that we come from, but don’t really fit into.”

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