CROSSON – Money Money Money (Live)

Australian Theatrical Glam Rockers CROSSON have announced they will release a live album with an accompanying live concert video titled ‘ CROSSON – Live At The Orpheum’!

As a teaser for the upcoming release, the band dropped a video which sees CROSSON delivering their theatrical version of ABBA’s ‘Money Money Money’. Jason Crosson says about adding an ABBA cover to their live show: “Money Money Money” was the perfect choice. The song not only pays homage to my early childhood pre-rock roots belting out ABBA songs on the piano accordion (…yes that’s true !!) , it’s also a tune everyone knows from the very first note and sings along to. Plus, I had a super crush on Agnetha and Frida ”

‘CROSSON – Live At The Orpheum’ will be released globally on 25 June 2021 through Galaxy Records

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