CROWNE – ‘Kings In The North’ – debut album

The new Swedish melodic rock supergroup Crowne have announced that their debut album, ‘Kings In The North’, will be released on 18th June 2021. From it, the song ’Sharoline’ is released as a single today (1st April). It follows the recent introductory song ‘Mad World’.

Crowne is comprised of Alexander Strandell (vocals – Art Nation), Jona Tee (guitar, keyboards, producer – H.E.A.T), John Levén (bass – Europe) and Christian Lundqvist (drums – The Poodles), while the album also features guitar solos provided by Love Magnusson (Dynazty).

Boasting such a stellar cast of outstanding musicians, Crowne is the most exciting supergroup created to date from the incredibly fertile Swedish melodic rock scene. The album they have created together is a barnstormer with enormous melodies, delivering rock ‘n’ roll like there is no tomorrow.

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