Dan Rock Žena (Women’s Rock Day)

Dan Rock Žena (Women’s Rock Day) is the festival which supports all-female bands in Europe and further. Sisters Sasha and Sonja Zagorc, the founders of the first all-female metal group in Slovenia, Hellcats, had an idea back in 2015 to invite female artists and make a festival in their home town Ljubljana unlike all the others in the region.

Usually metal scene in Slovenia is male-dominated so Hellcats, as the first all-female metal group in Slovenia and ex-Yugoslavia, had to deal with a lot of unargumented criticism and lived through harder times than their male colleagues back in the 2003 when they started. If it wasn’t for their fans and friends from Norway, UK, America and Germany, who were supporting them from the beginning, they would give up for sure. They were the DIY band since the beginning. Writing songs, making the graphic design, PR, management, driving to the gigs and drag their own equipment to the stage and down after the show and much more. This kept their head on the right place when their career grew and when the tours and big gigs came after recording critically acclaimed album – as the first all-female full length album to be recorded in Slovenia.

If you want to succeed in the male world you need, beside the good songs, to be strong, stubborn and have a strong will, so you can keep a smiling face when you hear common nonsense like »you got the gig because you are beautiful«. These are all the reasons why the two sisters have decided to help other young female musicians and all-female bands and giving them the chance to be heard. Having achieved that, they are pioneers in fighting for the rights of women in rock music in this part of Europe.

Dan Rock Žena is a music festival which has an all-female line-up; it means that on this day only girls are there to hit the stage. The festival supports female musicians by giving them place in music they deserve and encourages them into making songs and helps them to present their work.

It takes place in Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana around the International Women’s Day, which is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights.

This year the festival will host Hellcats, The Krasue from Bologna and all-female metal band Nemesis from Serbia which had been playing in biggest festivals in the region in recent time. In the future they hope they would get the support from local community to invite bands from further countries, so the festival could grow bigger.

So, see you then on 7th of March in best rock club in Ljubljana – Orto Bar.

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