DayGlo Mourning – Weedcreeper

Doom metal band DAYGLO MOURNING have revealed a new video for their track “Weedcreeper”. The song is taken from their upcoming split with Bludy Gyres Rope Enough For Two.

Pre-order the album on vinyl or digitally here:

Formed in the summer of 2017 doom metal band Dayglo Mourning quickly began performing while building a following drawn to their massive down tuned riffs and crushing show volumes.  “Rope Enough for Two” debuts the first three tracks recorded by the trio which gives a glimpse into their dark and heavy style with a promise of more to come.  Drawing on the influence of decades of metal appreciation, this new band strives to pull the listener in to an exploration of sound that transcends the ear and reaches the soul.  Sounds that take hold of and manipulate the subconscious, manifesting in the uncontrollable need to sway to the riffs being offered.

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