DIE GRÜNE WELLE – Dämonen feat. Axel Kurth

You remember our newest signing, right? – It’s always easier to let the music speak for itself, that’s why we’re already releasing the second single »Dämonen« (engl. Demons) taken from the upcoming album »Wirf dein Leben weg«!

»To be honest – getting Axel Kurth from WIZO to sing one of the verses has been a childhood dream of ours. That’s also why Dämonen is one of our favorite tracks on the new album.« – Die Güne Welle

The new single (+ lyric video), like the album in general, is all about the ability to think and reflect on your personal status quo. Easier said than done in many cases, especially when it involves your own innner demons.

»Wirf dein Leben weg« will be released on November 1st, 2019 and pre-orders are available now: http://smarturl.it/DGW_Wdlw

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