Egokills – Dormant

In 2020 it has become clear for many what isolation feels like. However, living in isolation is hardly a new thing. To some of us, the lack of connection is permanent. Some people choose to live alone, others simply end up so. Either way, solitude gives plenty of room to depression and addiction. Dormant, the new song by Egokills, the metal hippies from Tampere, Finland, is about isolation. The song is remarkably darker and heavier than any of the band`s previous work. The song is mostly composed by bassist Mika Pusa and the lyrical input comes from vocalist Janne Selo and drummer Vilho Rajala. Guitarists Niko Viita-aho and Pasi Viitala portray their skills on a wide scale, from thundering metal riffs and soulful solos to acoustic parts.

”As a band, we have most certainly not been lying dormant, even if it looks like it! After Pasi Viitala re-joined the band in 2019, we have constantly written new stuff and Mika has brought a lot to the table”, Rajala says.

Dormant is the first offering of the band's newfound cooperation with producer Matti Lötjönen. His producer CV includes two albums by Huora, both of which have visited the official Finnish charts. ”This was the first studio session that made us feel we want to continue with this guy. We have recorded great music with other people in the past but Matti brought everything to a whole new level and his professionalism is admirable.”

The touching, wonderful lyric video of Dormant is a notable piece of art. Alma Rajala, the drummers sister, is a puppet theater professional and a board member in puppet theater network Aura of Puppets. The idea of a puppet theater video has been around for a while in Egokills camp.

”I went to see Aura of Puppets` adaption of Shakespeare`s “The Tempest” a few years back. I was completely overwhelmed by the magic of puppet theater. I talked about it with Janne and he immediately suggested we’d do a video with puppets. It took a while but I am very glad we did it now!”

The main star of the video is made by Maiju Tainio and the video directed by Timo Lepistö with Anthony Putkonen. All movement by is shot live, as the puppet is handled by Alma Rajala. Egokills played live in Europe in 2018 and 2019 in altogether 11 countries. Currently no live shows are scheduled in these exceptional times, but Egokills is constantly looking for opportunities to play live again.”We can`t wait to get on stage again. We had one show this year, and I`m convinced we`ll have more next year!” In the meantime, more single releases can be expected in the near future. Third album is planned for late 2021.

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