Empirion – ADSR

There are not many electronic dance albums that can lay claim to being eagerly anticipated by a group’s
fan base some 23 years after their previous (and in this case only other) full length release, but ‘Resume’
by Empirion is one of them. Perhaps it is because their 1996 debut, ‘Advanced Technology’, managed the
rare feat of gaining respect from both the electronic dance and EBM/industrial scenes? Maybe it also has
something to do with the fact that their remix of The Prodigy’s hit single ‘Firestarter’ turned out to be a
timeless masterpiece that can still melt dancefloors more than two decades after it was released? Or is it
because Empirion member Oz Morsley has in the meantime achieved impressive results in mainland
Europe with his solo project, Kloq?

Whatever the reason(s), it is remarkable how much the group name chosen by the duo of Oz Morsley
and Jamie Smart still resonates. It is also amazing how seamlessly ‘Resume’ links to their older material,
and how much the album’s subject matter such as the struggle between man and technology
(‘I Am Electronic’) or universal angst (‘Hate The Hate’) seems to be even more relevant today than it
was back in 1996.

‘Resume’ is a stylish hybrid of dance and industrial music that is simultaneously retro and modern,
nominally influenced by acts such as Future Sound Of London, Nitzer Ebb and (of course) The Prodigy
but using these reference points for its own purposes. More than 25 years after commencing their career,
Empirion remain a compelling fusion of electronic music scenes and styles, invoking the spirit of 1996
with the sound of 2019.

An additional limited format of ‘Resume’ is available as a 36 page hardcover artbook edition with an
exclusive 6 track bonus CD.

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