Evade Escape – Already Know

Evade Escape, one of the most exciting young British rock bands, are a UK based five-piece bringing massive riffs, bucket loads of groove and incredibly infectious melodies. Merely over a year old, Evade Escape have released 3 warm-up tracks each hand-picked by editorial Spotify playlists, racking up over 70,000 plays and counting, over 14,000 monthly listeners and over 10,000 views on their debut single on YouTube.
Now loaded with 2 brand new singles produced by Romesh Dodangoda, who worked on Bring Me The Horizon’s Grammy nominated album – AMO, it’s time to carve Evade Escape into people’s minds. The first track released is “Already Know” and you can watch video here – https://youtu.be/ThrJU4SMBc0. The single is a perfect showcase for the Evade Escape sound – warm, instantly memorable, melodies underpinned by some driving heavy guitars. Kicking off with a riff that will lodge itself in your brain, the song is 3 minutes 29 of awesome. The band even drop in a lush guitar solo.

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