Farmer Boys – ISLE OF THE DEAD (Acoustic)

FARMER BOYS are back with their acoustic version for ‘Isle Of The Dead’ from their comeback album »Born Again«, released in November 2018, and peaked at #58 on the official German album charts. The alternative metal band from Stuttgart in Germany, featuring founding members Matthias Sayer (vocals), Alex Scholpp (guitar) and Ralf Botzenhart (bass), as well as Timm Schreiner (drums) and Richard Düe (keyboards), re-recorded the song in a live studio session without any overdubbing to get the clearness and purity of the song and its deep, melancholic character. ‘Isle Of The Dead (Acoustic)’ describes Arnold Böcklin’s same-titled painting and Sergei Rachmaninov’s musical homage to his work, which have both fascinated the band for a long time. The material world, a prison of death and finitude, is being defeated by hope for something higher and infinite, without pain and suffering. Prophetic words for today.

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