FIREFORCE – “Firepanzer”

FIREFORCE is a heavy metal call to arms, a powerful combat story-telling amalgamation of pounding drums, tight guitar riffing, heavy duty bass lines, lead themes and soloing melodies all around and of course, furious vocals give voice to the war lyrics and describe the blood, the loss and the courage in a battlefield!

Recorded in “De Kreun” Wilrijk during the Covid-19 “live-stream” May 2021. Video recorded by the Panda Productions video team. Sound recorded by Breeze Inc. With the cooperation of “Red Hot Music Services”, “ST-Events”, “Metal Fun Shop And More”, “Hexagon BV. “Thanks to Eric Stoop, Guido Hoet, Isabelle Jonckheere

Get the band’s latest album “Rage Of War” now:

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