Forlorn Hope – ‘Badajoz’

There is nothing stopping Brit heavy metal quintet FORLORN HOPE who continue
their climb. The band have just unleashed an explosive new track, Badajoz –
taken from their incoming debut album, OverThe Hills, out on Friday 26th July.

FORLORN HOPE hail from Merseyside and shrewdly fuse history and heavy metal
with epic results. The band use hard-hitting, hook-filled metal and rich,
meticulously researched lyrics to retell, through the medium of metal, some
of the most dramatic stories in military history. High octane classic riffs
and striking keyboards merge to give these tales the sense of excitement,
power and scale that they deserve.

In March 2018 FORLORN HOPE revealed their self-titled debut EP. Throughout
the year, the band played a series of stand-out sets, performing at the
Northern Symphony Festival and in the Merseyside heat of the national Metal
to the Masses competition. The group also went on to support NWOBHM legends
Raven and Swedish symphonic heavyweights Eleine.

FORLORN HOPE push forward with the release of their engulfing debut album,
Over The Hills. The release is a collection of stories of horror and heroism
from the Peninsular War of 1807-1814. With further releases on the horizon
and a string of live shows planned for the Summer, the future is very bright

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