Fortune – “Freedom Road”

To celebrate the release of ‘II’, their then brand new studio album, the cult US melodic/AOR act Fortune travelled to Milan in late April 2019 to play a rare live set at the annual Frontiers Rock Festival. A milestone performance, it is now being released as ‘The Gun’s Still Smokin’ Live’ on CD+DVD and is a must hear and see for all melodic AOR rock fans.

Fortune released a self-titled album in 1985 on Camel/MCA Records that is still highly regarded by fans of the AOR genre thanks to the soaring vocals of Larry Greene (also featured on the ‘Top Gun’ soundtrack), which were magnificently blended with the keyboards of Roger Scott Craig, the guitar playing of Richard Fortune and the rhythmic drumming of Mick Fortune. Sadly, the band called it quits shortly after the album’s release when the Camel label went bankrupt.

The band remained silent for years and, although Larry Greene and Roger Scott Craig began working with the band Harlan Cage, the Fortune brothers did not start their band up again until 2006, initially as a power trio. A full band show finally took place in 2016 when the band performed at the Rockingham festival in Nottingham, which was repeated the following year due to public demand. These appearances led to discussions with Frontiers about a new studio album, which eventually resulted in ‘II’.

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