Vancouver-based electro-industrial act Front Line Assembly has been fearlessly pushing the boundaries of that genre description for over three decades, exploring all manner of styles and influences since originally being founded by Bill Leeb as a purely electronic concern in the mid-80s.

Leeb and long-term cohort Rhys Fulber have just released a brand new album entitled ‘Mechanical Soul’ that has earned plaudits worldwide as one of the strongest records in their extensive catalogue. It is also being seen as something of a return to the classic records they issued at the dawn of the 1990’s such as ‘Caustic Grip’ and ‘Tactical Neural Implant’. There is certainly something on ‘Mechanical Soul’ to suit most electronically inclined tastes; taken as a whole, it is a masterful work from one of the greats of their genre.

‘Mechanical Soul’ also includes guest appearances by Jean-Luc De Meyer of Front 242 and Dino Cazares of Fear Factory.

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