GOLD – Why Aren’t You Laughing?

Dutch avant-garde dark rock ensemble, GOLD, have released the single and accompanying video for their track Why Aren’t You Laughing? today, to mark International Women’s Day. The track is taken from their upcoming album of the same name which will be released on April 5 via Artoffact Records. The video is premiering via Louder’s website now.

Of the video, vocalist, Milena Eva, comments: “Being a woman is often seen as a role. And as such she is often portrayed as a stereotype, not in the least in the rock and metal scenes. The role of the mother, the daughter, the girlfriend, the vixen, the witch, the dominatrix, etc.

“The feminism in the video of Why Aren’t You Laughing? is all about reducing womanhood to what it is: being a woman, and about demasculating types of normal behavior that are often regarded as unladylike, without caricaturing it. It’s about eating something without sexualizing it, it’s about being tough without becoming a boy, it’s about being a girl among girls in contrast to the rock scene where the girl is often portrayed a rarity in a man’s world.”

Milena is adept at detailing deeply personal experiences which are presented in a universal way; her feelings of vulnerability, confusion, indignation, curiosity, and hope provide a springboard for resonance. Whilst much of the album’s poetic lyricism is rooted in the darker side of society and experience, a glimmer of daylight has always permeated GOLD’s sonic output.

The sound of Why Aren’t You Laughing? marries hypnotic gothic vibes with layers of blackened guitars, overlaid with atmospheric, often dream-like vocals. The multi-faceted album is complex in its construction, but by enlisting producer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Paradise Lost, Grave Pleasures), each element is given ample room to breathe – and indeed shine.

As well as presenting Why Aren’t You Laughing? at the 2019 edition of Roadburn Festival, GOLD will tour Europe and play Hellfest this summer. Full dates are as follows:

12.04.2019 – NL – Tilburg @ Roadburn Festival
25.04.2019 – DE – Berlin @ Urban Spree
26.04.2019 – PL – Warszawa @ Chmury
27.04.2019 – PL – Kraków @ Kwadrat
28.04.2019 – AT – Wien @ Arena
29.04.2019 – SI – Ljubljana @ Gromka
30.04.2019 – AT – Linz @ KAPU
01.05.2019 – DE – Jena @ Kassablanca
02.05.2019 – DE – Köln @ MTC
03.05.2019 – FR – Lille @ La Brulle Café
04.05.2019 – BE – Zottegem @ Maboel/Klsjr
10.05.2019 – DE – Giessen @ Post Valley Festival
11.05.2019 – NL – Utrecht @ Doomstad/EKKO
17.05.2019 – DE – Lohr @ Umsonst Und Drinnen
23.06.2019 – FR – Clisson @ Hellfest

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