Great Grief – Ivory

Reykjavik, Iceland’s emerging hardcore band Great Grief has debuted a new song titled “Feeling Fine” from their debut, full-length album, Love, Lust and Greed, that’s out this Friday, December 7th via No Sleep Records.


“”Feeling Fine” is where one comes to accept their flaws, and the fact that they might never learn what “self love” truly is. In our current society it is an embraced concept, that is more often than not misconstrued. I am still trying to figure out what self love is, but I took a step in the right direction when I learned that it was okay to be medicated for depression and anxiety. That it is not a sign of weakness. My writing is heavily influenced by George Hirsch from Blacklisted, who’s 2010 record “No One Deserves to Be Here More than Me” is one of the most important narratives on self loathing to come out of music during this millennium. This song has a bit of a stylistic change to it, compared to our past catalog, but so do the other 10 songs you will hear on our upcoming full length “Love, Lust and Greed” – Finnbogi Örn

Recently signed to No Sleep Records, Great Grief plans to take their unique approach to hardcore international as buzz about the band continues to spread like wildfire. Love, Lust and Greed surely sets the scene with 11 intense tracks that will undoubtedly provide the soundtrack for some wild shows in the band’s near future.

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