H2SO4 – Dont Delete Me

UK electronic indie outfit H2SO4 were one of the best kept secrets of the late ’90s, releasing a slew of singles and a brace of albums at the turn of the millennium that were well received by pundits and public alike, with songs that can be heard in TV shows such as ‘The Sopranos’, ‘Six Feet Under’ and ‘Queer As Folk’.

Now, via a collaboration with production duo Bombay Monkey, they have created a stunning new album of ’80s tinged electronic prog-pop interlaced with atmospheric soundscapes. Entitled ‘Love And Death’, it will be released on 23rd July 2021.

A thought-provoking video for the album song ‘Don’t Delete Me’ is available now. “To be abandoned in love can feel like being deleted,” states H2SO4 co-founder Graham Cupples, wryly referencing the track’s use of the sampled line “all memories erased”, while Bombay Monkey add that “we embedded a soundscape in the centre of the song where the protagonist’s life flashes before his eyes, with memories of childhood friendships, first love, old age and, ultimately, the perfect sunset over a panoramic seascape. Having said that, the video was a surprise, shifting what is an intensely personal story to an extinction-level event.”

The ‘nuclear option’ video is directed by Mogston, who explains: “ultimate ‘deletion’ was what triggered the idea. These terrifying images of real-life nuclear explosions are both unique and mesmerising in slow motion. The idea that we can control them is utterly ridiculous, yet nuclear power, done well, is an effective way to fuel the planet’s energy consumption. It creates an interesting conundrum.”

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