Hanover Fist – Releases Album HFIII

Much to the excitement of Hanover Fist fans worldwide, the power trio has released their much anticipated third album HFIII! Hanover Fist originally formed in 1996 and released two albums in the first four years – HF1 and Y2K. With ten years of touring and radio play in the regional market, including the Azaela Festival mainstage, they left their foot-”Fist” print in New Hanover County and the Wilmington NC scene.

After the passing of drummer Jamie Mintz, remaining members Ronny Lamanna and Bud Shepard played in various projects. Deciding to reform in 2016 they added the talents of drummer Eric Stahle. Since reforming with Stahle they have written many new songs, played some awesome shows (Blackfoot), (Cuz Fest) featuring local rock legends N U DEEP & Faith Collapsing and so many other great bands. With the release of their third album HF III, Hanover Fist hope to tour next year.

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