HUMANITY ZERO to release new album “Proselytism”

HUMANITY ZERO was formed in Greece by Dimon’s Night in 2002 in order to play furious death metal. From 2008 to 2014 and despite many line-up changes, the band managed to give birth to various releases, such as “Humanity Zero” (2008), “In the Parade of the Ungrateful” (2009), “Death List” (2010), “Life In Para-Dies” (2011), “2012” (2012), “Execution Ground” (2014). In 2017, after a 3 year hiatus, HUMANITY ZERO came back as a death/doom metal band with a new line-up and a new album entitled “Withered In Isolation”. Despair and misanthropy showed their teeth as slow painful songs about nihilism, death and hate emerged from the fiery depths of catatonia. But time heals nothing… In 2018 HUMANITY ZERO returns as a duet. Kydoimos (MISANTHROPY APOTHEOSIS) joins the band as the new vocalist/lyricist, Dimon’s Night takes over all the instruments and the new beast called “Proselytism” is born. “That is not dead which can eternal lie…”After “Withered In Isolation” doom/death hatemongers Humanity Zero from Greece return with their new full-length album entitled “Proselytism”. This album is slower, deeper and haunting yet more atmospheric and punishing than any other HUMANITY ZERO release. The eight obscure tracks will crawl through your spine, feed upon your sanity and drag your soul into the poisonous pits of darkness. Lyrically, “Proselytism” is a mandatory descend into the demented Lovecraftian demonology, a nightmarish praise to the sleeping Lords of the Cosmic Abyss. Strongly recommended for fans of Loss, Morgion, Ophis and early My Dying Bride. Artwork by Paint-It-Black Design.

01. Celebrating The Opener Of The Way
02. Ruler Of The Ultimate Void Of Chaos
03. The Slumbering One
04. The God Of The Bloody Tongue
05. Nightmare Corpse-City
06. The Black Goat In The Woods With A Thousand Young
07. Thou Shalt Emerge
08. Dark Angel Of The Four Wings
Length – 53:40

Available for pre-order!
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Co-release Satanath Records (Russia) | with label:More Hate Productions (Russia) |
Catalog number: SAT206 | MHP 18-302

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