Images of Eden – Fight the Good Fight (Triumph Remake)

“Fight The Good Fight” is available to stream on digital platforms everywhere and will be featured on the band’s upcoming album, Angel Born, which will be released later this month on March 26, 2021, via Pavement Entertainment.

On the making of the music video, director and drummer Steve D. Dorssom says, “The video we did for this song is totally EPIC!! We wanted to show the life struggles as a musician––the thankless job it is, the hard road, tough times and the heart and dedication it takes just to make it to the stage. I think we caught a ‘REAL’ glimpse of that.”

When asked about the inspiration behind recording a unique, dynamic cover of Triumph’s “Fight The Good Fight,” Images of Eden explains, “We sort of received a ‘nudge’ or ‘message’ to do this song as an afterthought to the new Angel Born record. Once we started recording/ filming, everything seemed to fall right into place and come together in a magical way! Triumph was tremendous in its day and this song has not been touched before, so we thought it was the perfect song to do in ‘IOE style’. It was definitely tough to cover, but the message is exactly what we are all about, and ‘Fight The Good Fight’ is the most perfect anthem for the times we are facing in the world right now!”

Stream “Fight The Good Fight” and pre-save Angel Born here:

Images of Eden is a fearless concept band that brings together familiar, well-loved elements of metal and rock combined with their own unique vision, message and delivery. The result is a distinct musical hybrid that speaks directly to the struggles and tribulations of the listener.

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