Junky Love – ‘Slaves’

‘Slaves’ is a brand new single by London based psych/garage rock trio Junky Love, and follows their
May 2019 release ‘Nowhere To Go’. Both songs will be included on a forthcoming EP and were recorded
at Studio 9 in London and co-produced by the band with Keir Vine.

Commenting on the song title and its lyrical content, the band state: “We live in a dystopian world that only
benefits the 1% of this Orwellian ‘Oceania’ state and where the antagonists of politics and corporate greed
masquerade as philanthropists. We’re bound by imaginary shackles and chains, governed by chimeric
ideologies that advocate low pay, condone poverty, endorse inequality and promote biased news to
confuse and divide us. ’Slaves’ is a protest song – a mutiny against a dysfunctional system and the elite.”

The video for ‘Slaves’ is a live performance shot in black and white. With a dark and gritty feel, parts of it
are shown in split screen.

Junky Love have a diverse set of musical influences that span the alternative/indie/psych rock spectrum
from The Velvet Underground to The War On Drugs, by way of Killing Joke, The Birthday Party/Nick Cave,
Pixies, Nirvana, Ride, Brian Jonestown Massacre, QOTSA, Interpol and Band Of Skulls. They have
released four previous singles since early 2018.

live in London – 14.11.19 – Dublin Castle

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