Juno Reactor – Let’s Turn On

The Mutant Theatre is named for the stage show that I was originally contacted to create for the 2016
Ozora Festival. I always wanted to have a big show, a Barbarella meets Pan’s Labyrinth tableau with a
sci-fi edge, set to trance and psytrance music; a huge, Las Vegas-style spectacle for the eyes, ears and
imagination. We have staged The Mutant Theatre many times since and it has developed with
each show. ‘Let’s Turn On’ was inspired by the 3000 LED, wifi controlled costume designed by Sasha
of Stigma [one of the dance troupes that comprise The Mutant Theatre]. It is a trancification of my love
of 70’s disco, a fusion of my musical style and tastes. I brought in Shpongle vocalist Michelle Adamson
to round out the song and play to that larger than life spectacle that I had imagined. I love her very
British voice and the way she is a virtuoso with the TC Helican Voiceworks.”  Ben Watkins – JUNO REACTOR

The Mutant Theatre is an interactive live show created by Juno Reactor where music, theatre, dance,
wifi-controlled LED costumes and a vast array of stage weaponry en-trance the audience into a
fantasy world of adrenalin fuelled dreams and hard wired adventure. ‘Pans Labyrinth’ meets ‘Barbarella’
in a sci-fi invasion of the mind and body.

“The Juno Reactor live show isn’t like going to a concert, it’s experiencing a whole new concept in
performances with a lethal concoction of theatre, music, lighting and live action”  JAPAN TIMES

Ben Watkins aka Juno Reactor is a pioneer of the electronic trance scene. From the back streets of
London to the Hollywood blockbusters of The Matrix trilogy, his group has constantly morphed and
evolved, exploring new areas visually as well as musically.

Juno Reactor will release its new album, ‘The Mutant Theatre’, on Metropolis Records in June 2018,
which will be followed by globe-spanning shows in the summer and autumn, from Caesars Palace
in Las Vegas to Mt. Fuji in Japan.

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