KILLSORROW – Video for new singel “What Lies Beneath The Waste”

Melodeath composition, masks and dirty clothing, decorated with compositions of metal debris – this could be a short description of the music video for the new single Killsorrow, ‘What Lies Beneath The Waste’.

This is a real treat for lovers of post-apocalyptic styling, which for two years Killsorrow musicians have successfully used on the stage. ‘Postapo’s style has always been close to us, and unfortunately it is unfortunate that what is good in such a climate is still very few (…) – says Michał Sokół, composer and guitarist at Killsorrow. – We combined the atmosphere of Mad Max with metal energy, which we think fit each other fantastically.’

The band members by themselves built a post-apocalyptic atmosphere on the recording plan. ‘We sewed our outfits ourselves and made sure that the concert atmosphere would also be reminiscent of post-apocalyptic films,’ Michał explains. The audience was able to see the new image of the band last year, during a nationwide tour with Hunter, when Killsorrow appeared in the music clubs important on the metal map of Poland: Stodoła, Kwadrat, C.K. Windmill.

Killsorrow was founded in 2008 in Krakow on the initiative of a guitarist, Michała Sokoła. Until 2015, the team changed the composition many times. The group has recorded three EPs and debut album “Little something for you to choke” (2016), which met with high ratings of reviewers (9/10 points on average). wrote then: “To sum up Kilsorrow’s debut debut, I think that they did it very professionally. This should be recorded, produced and released. That should start. ”

Music Killsorrow is above all a melody, a complex harmonica and groove. The magazine “Guitarist” described the band’s work in such a way: “Killsorrow is one of those bands that prove beyond any doubt that in the country on the Vistula River you can create a world-class music. In their performance, the modern trash, or if you prefer “melodic death metal” is not only good, but also copies of butts and does not take prisoners, and the band itself could successfully perform at the side of world stars like Gojira or Lamb of God. If you do not know their work yet, it’s time to catch up “(No. 7/2017)

“The goal that I set for myself,” Michał concludes, “is the synergy of what In Flames, Children of Bodoom, Iron Maiden once did, or does Arch Enemy. I am trying very hard, however, that the songs I write do not show candy kitsch and repeatability, so the new album is more mature, has more load-bearing riffs, and those who heard it claim that it is heavier. In my opinion, it is more complicated, energetic, better buja, and the band reveals its potential. ”
Post-apocalyptic stylistics will henceforth be a permanent distinguishing feature of the Krakow band’s work. The single announces the band’s second album, which will be released in early 2019. The band also plans an autumn tour in the form of post-apocalyptic performances. The first of them will be available on September 1 in the Magnetofon club in Łódź.

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Michał Sokół – compositions, guitars
Marcin Parandyk – vocal
Marcin Szczurek – bass
Kamil Kułaj – drums
Paweł Sokołowski – guitars
Andrzej Kobierski – show

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