It’s hard to imagine that young German sensations Kissin’ Dynamite have already reached their tenth anniversary. The band members, centered around lead singer Hannes Braun, were barely out of school when they released their debut album “Steel Of Swabia” in 2008, but it is true and, on time for that anniversary, these hard rockers are now truly striking a balance. All the members are just in their middle twenties, but the group has already released five successful albums and achieved so much since first appearing on the world metal map in 2006: extensive touring throughout Europe and Asia, and multiple top 20 entries in the official German album charts has seen them hone their craft beautifully, and now it’s time to capture the raw emotion and pure fun of their live shows in one definitive release.

Kissin’ Dynamite are already well known for producing high-quality studio albums, but the band are even more famous for their energetic and intense live shows. There is no better way to celebrate one of those (and the first ten years of the band’s history therefore) than with the group’s first ever live release, “Generation Goodbye – Dynamite Nights”, which is available as a DVD/2-CD and BluRay/2-CD Digipak set, containing 25 songs and all their hits. Recorded at their ‘hometown’ show in Stuttgart, Germany, which took place in December 2016, this release is pure dynamite! This release features guest vocalist Jennifer Haben (Beyond The Black) on a duet with Braun (on the song ‘Masterpiece’)!

On time for their 10th anniversary, hard rockers of KISSIN’ DYNAMITE are striking a balance. All members are just in the middle of their twenties, though the group around singer Hannes Braun have seen and achieved a lot since they first appeared on the map in 2006: 5 worldwide released studio albums, extensive touring in Europe and Asia, TOP 20 entries in official German album charts.

KISSIN’ DYNAMITE are known for producing high-quality studio albums, but they are even more infamous for their energetic, intense live shows. So there is no better way than to celebrate the first ten years of band history with the group’s first ever Live release. “Generation Goodbye – Dynamite Nights” will be available as DVD/2-CD and BluRay/2-CD Digipak and contains 25 songs (incl. all their hits) – recorded at their sold out “hometown” show in Stuttgart, Germany, which took place in December 2016. This is pure dynamite!

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