LAUXNOS – Through The Gates official video

After four years, the guys from the ocean project Lauxnos completed the long-awaited third full-length album “Crushed by Waves”, which includes nine tracks that are steadily changing their mood. The fresh album represents the apogee of the story set forth in the works of Lauxnos for all the years of its existence. For fans of Falloch, Alcest, Harakiri for the Sky. Artwork by Paint-It-Black Design. Translation by Karnarie. Recording, mixing and mastering by LXNS Music.

01. The Voice Of Dead Ocean
02. Crushed By Waves
03. In Total Darkness
04. Whose Dream You Don’t Dare Disturb
05. Hidden Ancient World
06. Bordering The Dawn
07. Through The Gates
08. Lord Of The Wild Waters
09. Her Name Is Thousands Of Stars

Длительность / Length – 45:37

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