LEAVES’ EYES – Blazing Waters

Anno 1066, the last Viking king, called Hardråde, is dead – the era of the Vikings is over. Long live the Vikings! After the 2020 monumental work “The Last Viking” by LEAVES’ EYES, in 2021 we focus our attention specifically on the documentary “VIKING SPIRIT”, which is now released exclusively in a bundle with the album, the instrumentals and the soundtrack to the documentary on Blu-Ray!

LEAVES’ EYES singer Alexander Krull is a real force in Viking reenactment and does important pioneering work with his documentary about the Viking scene, which is becoming more and more popular and about his life as a sword fighter. In a over 100 minutes long documentary (incl. the new bonus chapter) you will learn everything about the focus and the diversity of Viking lifestyle. With subtitles in German, English, French and Spanish, all Viking fans can experience for themselves how incredibly international the scene is nowadays! The documentary shows with a surprising ease the diversity of Viking reenactment and gives you the desire to plunge into this hobby yourself!

The Bundle is available for pre-sale now: https://shop.afm-records.de/leaves-eyes/

As a harbinger of the upcoming album release, LEAVES ’EYES released their latest video “Blazing Waters”on Friday.

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