Left Hand Solution – Jolene

Left Hand Solution had revealed a brand-new music video for the song “Jolene” taken off their upcoming album “Dead Of Winter”. This is also the first video clip the band has done in a very long time! The video was shot at Sundsvalls Teater in Sweden. What made Left Hand Solution always special was their combination of hard riffs, dark melodies, and Mariana Frykman’s dark and beautiful voice. Being one of the early metal band with a female vocalist their influence has been largely overlooked and their cult following has grown quite a lot lately.

Drummer and songwriter Erik Barthold states about the recording of the album: ”I remember starting to write the song “First Day Of Winter” as the first snow fell in the year 2002. Little did I imagine that it would take another 18 years for it to be fully completed! The song was finished this summer in a hot recording studio, but of course, we had to wait until the winter solstice for this release. Sorry, that we’ve kept you waiting, but here it finally is in its full winter dress.”

Erik tells more about the songs: “’First Day Of Winter’ deals with depression, depicted as the long and cold Swedish winter. As you might have noticed Left Hand Solution songs usually aren’t that fast in tempo. With the track ‘The Sleeping Dead’ we tried to write a more up-tempo song. But it became more of a mid-tempo song, anyway… ‘Jolene’ is a song by Dolly Parton, and ‘The Hallowed Blood’ is about the deceptive human heart that yearns for love. The salvation of being loved.” ”I found the lyrics to ‘Flame Of Desire’ when I went through my old notes and writing papers that I’ve kept for many years. I wrote this lyric a long way back, more than 25 years ago. The music was newly written, and we decided it to be an acoustic track. It is inspired by the music of Glenn Danzig.” ”20 years ago, we talked about using more acoustic instruments on our songs, but as the band was put on hold that didn’t happen. Until now. When our guitarist Jocke recorded the guitar for this track, I started to hear the sound of a violin in my head, and we decided to go along with it. Of course, you can’t do this without a nod to My Dying Bride. A band that had a big influence on me in the 90’s.”

Now with the new album and a new development for the band, the new Left Hand Solution Album “Dead of Winter” will be available from April 16th onwards. Get it here https://lefthandsolution.bandcamp.com or at your preferred platform.

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