Lindy-Fay Hella – Seafarer

LINDY-FAY HELLA has announced details of her debut album, titled Seafarer – and today premieres the title track with an accompanying video. The album will be released via Ván Records and is available to pre-order.Until now, best known for her contributions to Wardruna, LINDY-FAY HELLAhas forged a new, deeply personal path that she invites you to follow her down. Whilst undoubtedly there are some slivers of DNA that link her to her Wardruna compatriots, make no mistake, Seafarer is crafted entirely in the vision of its creator.

The title track’s minimal words are emphasised with repetition, creating something of a sea-shanty as an ode to a lost friend. HELLA says it is meant “for the travellers whose ships are crossing the grey sea.” Throughout the album, HELLA explores the concept of the Otherworld; of parallel places, and unexplained feelings and emotions related to what might be on the other side of what we know to be true. Her curiosity for the unknown and the unproven led the way both lyrically and musically many times throughout the creation of Seafarer; emotion steering the ship at every opportunity.

The genesis of Seafarer dates back to February 2017, when HELLA’s solo experimentation led her to start recording. Gradually, she invited others in to the world she was creating, starting with Herbrand Larsen and her cousin, Ingolf Hella Torgersen, then inching outward from there. Each new addition was given just one instruction – to choose the instrument they wanted and to join in how the felt was appropriate. The result is a tapestry of emotions; layer upon layer of small details creating a rich whole. The album also features contributions from Kristian Gaahl Espedal.

HELLA will perform at The Black Heart in London on September 26.

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