Lugösi – “Soylent Green”

Ireland’s ‘horror rockers’ LUGOSI release their new album ‘Video Nasty’ on 12th March. Following last month’s ‘They Came From Outer Space’ single, Irish punk rockers LUGOSI  announce a March 12th release for ‘Video Nasty’, their second studio album. To celebrate the news of ‘Video Nasty’ the four-piece released a third single from the album.

Featuring eight tracks that are bursting with the bands’ unique tongue-in-cheek humour, twinned with their ability to produce groove-drenched bangers, ‘Video Nasty’ brings a cross-over sound that has elements of Melvins, Clutch and Misfits sprinkled throughout. Continuing their strange obsession with the number 8, and recorded in short spurts between various lockdowns, their second album “Video Nasty” is an 8-track trip to the corner video store. Covering strange and diverse unhallowed ground lyrically, this album delivers even more drive and punch than the first.

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The band recently announced a US distribution deal with ‘Ruined Vibes’ Records, home to Nick Oliveri [ex Queens of the Stone Age, Mondo Generator]. Label boss, Jason Hall, commented on the bands forthcoming release: “Hailing from Dublin, horror rockers, Lugosi’s sophomore album ‘Video Nasty’ will be proudly distributed in the USA by Ruined Vibes, which is a boutique vinyl label based in the heart of “desert rock” in the California desert, specifically Sky Valley”.

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