MAJESTICA – Metal United

In 2019, the Swedish power metal band MAJESTICA released their debut album Above The Sky and swiftly followed it up with their Christmas musical album, A Christmas Carol, in late 2020. Both albums were a huge success in the metal community, but when the time finally came to present their music to live audiences, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and made all touring impossible. But it’s not only tours that were cancelled – two years in a row now, metal fans all over the world have had to go without summer festivals. Summer festivals are like the beating heart of metal itself, not to mention a main source of income for all the amazing people, who help to make the events possible in the first place.

In these times more than ever the metal community must stand together and today, MAJESTICA release a music video for their new single Metal United – a true metal hymn and a statement of solidarity for fans and crew members alike.

MAJESTICA commented: “All the people that work at festivals and with touring bands have had a rough year, just like all of us. But a lot of these people that work so hard to make it possible for us musicians to perform on stage have had problems finding new jobs, and without these hard-working people, we can’t make our dreams come true. And since we love to play at festivals and go to festivals, we have been missing out on one important thing that means so much to us. So the least we can do to honour these fine working people is to write a song as a tribute to them. A cheerful, uplifting song with Irish influences about the hope that everything will go back to normal, and a melodic, up-tempo heavy metal song with an important message.”

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