MANIPULATION – Worshipers Of Mirage (official video

Mind Control Ultra is 4th album from Polish death metal band Manipulation. The album contained 12 tracks. More than 40 minutes of music. Album was recorded in the beginning and the middle of the 2018 year in Monroe Sound Studio with same producer as previous album Arkadiusz “Aro” Jabłoński (Shadows Land, Masachist). This is album with some conspiration theories hided inside and about experiments, brainwashing reality and bullshit all around us. Explicit lyrics and content!

01. Instruments Of Change
02. Worshipers Of Mirage
03. Slaves Of The System
04. From The Inside
05. MK-Ultra
06. Limits
07. Energy Of The Universe
08. The Skull With Acid In Eye
09. Room 216
10. Trample The Weak
11. RFID
12. Tale Told By An Idiot

Длительность / Length – 46:26

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