Norwegian prog-rockers Maraton are out with their new single “Almost Human” today! Shamelessly melodic and catchy, “Almost Human” pushes the boundaries and mixes different styles into an utterly mesmerizing sound! To extend the life of Maraton’s critically acclaimed debut “Meta” released on April 26th, two new singles are out this Fall, and “Almost Human” is the second one!

The band’s vocalist, Fredrik Bergersen, has commented: “’Almost Human’ is what you could call a “tail” from our album META, released on April 26th. With soon over 1 million streams online, we felt that the album was missing a vital part of it. The story was not complete as a whole. The main theme of the album is us contemplating around the mental aspect of being human. What makes you, you. What makes your identity so significant, and the insecurities that come along with growing into it. Almost Human is the final chapter of an era, and will be the last addition to the “Meta” universe.”

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