MATT HARVEY (EXHUMED, GRUESOME) presents: Last Son of Krypton. Heavily inspired by the comics of his youth and the Superman universe, Last Son of Krypton serves as a backdrop to Harvey’s take on a world of heroes, villainy, justice, and more.

MATT HARVEY comments: “I love storytelling and music and it was really exciting to undertake a project that combines those two things. The album was mostly composed during 2020 and ended up being my attempt to combat the omnipresent doom and gloom of the year. Creating the record was a hell of a journey, and I humbly invite you to come along for a ride through my imagination.”

Featuring 14 instrumental tracks arranged by Harvey in their entirety, Last Son of Krypton features dramatic orchestral arrangements fit for the silver screen – the storytelling is palpable; each track scoring a hero’s journey of mythic proportions. A compelling listen for lovers of comics and science fiction, Last Son of Krypton was made by a die-hard comic fan for fellow die-hards worldwide!

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