Me And The Rest – Mama

Swiss hard rock band, ME AND THE REST, have released their new music video for the song ‘Until the End of the Rainbow‘, it’s the third single taken from the forthcoming album “We Are Bulletproof” due out beginning of 2021 via RockAvenger.ME AND THE REST have recently released their first music video and single for ‘MAMA‘

After their three successful long players “Ikarus” (2008), “Wizard King” (2011) and “7 Deadly Sins” (2016) they are ready to rock again. ME AND THE REST‘s new motto is: “We Are Bulletproof“, and that’s what they are; immune to the quick changes in musical styles of the past 30 years, true to their Hard Rock, characterised by catchy melodies and peppered with great hook lines. They remain standing and celebrating their Hard Rock… expect an exciting year filled with great new music – one new track every month!

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