Messiahvore – CULT WORSHIP

Today they release a new single from the album ‘Cult Worship’. ‘Cult Worship’ is a sludgy, doom drenched track with an industrial fusion, aggressive and thick. ‘Cult Worship’ has an industrial vibe. Riffs are aggressive and tight, then open and noise-infested with sonic wind and feedback. ‘Cult Worship’ begins with a stylistically tribal intro beat that bleeds into a minimalistic verse, then brought together by a straight-forward driving chorus.

The song is meant to push and pull until its final bombastic summary. Lyrically, the song seems to be an introspective search and request for individuals to think for themselves. With the current state of the world and the mistakes of the past, many still find themselves sheepishly drawn to a cult of personalities that in their minds have all the answers that they are seeking and seem to blindly take them at face value.

Whether it’s a politician or religious figure, the world is saturated with those who would con you to your desired salvation, dogma or confirmation bias. “This well is poison, this life is toxic.” Basically saying we’ve already facilitated our demise. This is as doom as it gets without playing slow.

MESSIAHVORE’s first album release features 9 tracks. All the music was recorded live in studio and then the vocals and some extras added after the fact. We were stoked to have tracked all in the same room with one another and bring the music with the natural energy, feedback and volume of our live performances.

The recording was done in Denver in our own commercially run studio known as “The Crash Pad” Bart, the guitarist and singer engineered the recording. We simply set up and test tracked, locked in the tones and let it rip. The results speak for themselves. We are proud of our first effort and are looking forward to sharing it with all the heavy music fans of the world.

Lots of density on this debut release. Thick guitars and bass combined with saturated vocals. Catchy hooks but not overly commercial. ‘The Last Word’ is an epic instrumental that supplies ambient vibe for days. ‘Betrothed’ hits hard and is either about overbearing control or Vampires. You can make the call. ‘Cult Worship’ is one of our favorites and ‘Doublecross’ starts out with some Sabbath vibe then moves into desert rock territory. MESSIAHVORE mixes elements of groove metal, doom, stoner rock and a bit of industrial to complete the sound.

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