MF RUCKUS – Making a Killing/You Only Live Forever (The Front Lines of Good Times, Chapter 2)

The Mystic Fraternity of MF RUCKUS finally deliver the long awaited sequel to The Front Lines of Good Times Chapter 1 and it is a 2-4-1 special on their extra potent Rock/Metal mixture.

They put the “Rad” in ineradicable and certainly in Colorado. MF RUCKUS have been diligently toiling away with their multimedia Rock masterpiece The Front Lines of Good Times, but have not released anything since 2017’s “It’s a Mess”. Finally, they have delivered a buy-one-get-one batch of bombastic badassery in their most recent release “Making a Killing/You Only Live Forever”. Presented as two songs in one, “Making a Killing” is the ominous and foreboding monologue of an evil, malevolent entity whereas “You Only Live Forever” is the uplifting, bootstrapping battle cry of the downtrodden and dispossessed.

Both parts serve as the soundtrack for the band’s second chapter in their motion comic series “The Front Lines of Good Times” written and directed by MF RUCKUS frontman Aaron Howell and voiced by the band members themselves. This newest offering is but a chunk of the massive monstrosity of tasty jams being brought to life in the Ruckus laboratory. MF RUCKUS have just released their brand new single “Making a Killing/You Only Live Forever” and Chapter 2 of their motion comic series “The Front Lines of Good Times”.

MF RUCKUS frontman Aaron Howell on the “The Front Lines of Good Times” series: “So much work has gone into this project and it’s only just beginning. The Front Lines of Good Times series has been the greatest challenge of our entire career and we could not be more excited to see it come to life! The series combines the classic mono-mythological heroes journey with a satirical take on the life of the independent musician. It is part sci-fi/post-apocalyptic fan nostalgia, part psychological philosophical social analysis and just a dash of dick and fart jokes. We are just as excited as the viewer to see how the story unfolds. Oh, and the jams are pretty sweet too, if we do say so ourselves. We are truly exploring the boundaries of our songwriting and performance acumen in the process of creating these songs.”.

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