MOS GENERATOR – Behind-The-Scenes Video Of “The Lantern” Release!

February 26th 2021 will see iconic heavy rock masters, Mos Generator, release “The Lantern” – a finest song collection taken from their path breaking 2007-album, “Tales from the Vault”, through Argonauta Records.

Tony Reed’s Mos Generator, who formed in 2000 in Port Orchard, Washington from the ashes of a ten year off & on collaboration between it’s three members, all of which are long time veterans of road & studio, inspired the heavy music scene since decades. The band has released 9 full length studio albums, a retrospective album, 2 live albums as well as several singles and split albums over their impressive career. Touring has been just as important to the profile of the band as making records has. Over the years Mos Generator has shared the stage with many great heavy rock bands across Europe and North America including extensive tours with Saint Vitus, Fu Manchu, Elder, Spirit Caravan or Atomic Bitchwax. They have also played prestigious festivals throughout Europe including 2 appearances at Hellfest in France, opening up a whole new fan base to the Mos Generator sound.

After 20 years of making music the band shows no sign of slowing down. The songs on “The Lantern” were re-mastered and with a blistering new mix, it sounds like a different album and as you have never heard the band before. The album will be released as Vinyl only on Argonauta Records, and the pre-sale is available .

“The Lantern is a collection of songs that were originally released in 2007 on a 10” picture disc as Tales from The Vault.” Says band mastermind Tony Reed. “The original album has been long out of print so it’s great to be re-releasing these tracks with new mixes and new artwork. The recording sessions, from June 2006, took place in our rehearsal room and capture us live playing brand new songs. A few of them were arranged only a day or two before the sessions started. I think this element makes the songs sound reckless and raw. There is an atmosphere on this record that doesn’t exist on any other Mos Generator release.”

Now, Mos Generator has shared a video clip with a lot of cool behind-the-scenes footage. Watch the video for the album title track, “The Lantern”, here

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