Mother Island – And We’re Shining

On May 22nd, psych rockers MOTHER ISLAND released their critically acclaimed third full length record, titled “Motel Rooms”, via Go Down Records. With a love for Italian movies of the 60’s and a deeply surf-oriented flair, the band’s critically acclaimed recent release is a collection of 10 fresh and groovy songs, twangy and psychedelic, an album that will make people move their feet. Just recently premiered with Shindig Magazine, the band from Vicenza, Italy, unleashed a captivating and cinematic new music video for the track “And We’re Shining”, streaming right here

Director Edoardo Bocchi explains the video: “The bells were ringing while the echo of Anita’s vocals were permeating through a black and white deserted Venice. ‘Don’t listen to stereotypes and then be clear, talk to me, talk right now!’ got whispered by the authentic and gorgeous citizens of Venice. The video is a sort of reportage about who really lives in this mysterious “lagoon forest” full of “little oddities”, mixed up with the members of Mother Island performing in a timeless room surrounded by a warm golden light.”

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