Mother’s Cake – Streetjaman – Live at Bergisel

The ancient Greek and Roman amphitheatres were renowned for their sound quality, with claims
made about the acoustics being so perfect that spectators watching from the back seats could hear
the actors with perfect clarity, two millennia before microphones were invented. Other studies seem
to expose this assumption as a myth. But hey – they are certainly rad venues for live performances,
which is what Austrian rock act Mother’s Cake certainly prove with their dazzling takeover of
Bergisel – a ski jump arena transformed into an amphitheatre to accommodate 25,000 spectators.

The band’s performance begins with an aerial drone shot offering a first glimpse of the most iconic
and spectacular venue the Alpine city of Innsbruck has to offer. Beaming spotlights and calorific
walls of sound and noise proceed to defy the bone-chilling cold of a winter’s weekend in January,
as five musicians wrapped in thick coats deliver one of their most impressive and extravagant live
performances to date. Swirling psychedelic visual art provides a backdrop to add to the electrifying,
spacey atmosphere that carries through the set as the arena is gradually flooded with lights and
echoing sound waves that underpin this multi-layered feast for the ears and eyes.

Some rock groups may deliver more bombastic and theatrical arena performances, but few can
stage a cosmic and edgy live spectacle on the scale of Mother’s Cake. At Bergisel they draw on
their back catalogue to date to produce a mind-melting show.

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