MOTORJESUS – Speedway Sanctuary

About a year ago, the current album »Race To Resurrection« was released by the most likeable Heavy Rock band in Germany. Shortly afterwards Motorjesus went on an extensive tour to celebrate the album with the people and to resurrect the rock’n’roll spirit in their very own fashion. As a look behind the scenes and small gift for all the fans (old and new) and supporters who were there, the guys made a video, capturing life on the road. It features »Speedway Sanctuary« – one of the favourite tracks on »Race To Resurrection«.

Of course, the album is available everywhere:

Motorjesus will keep rocking live on the following dates:
15.06.2019 – Windeck-Rosbach, Kärbholz Heimspiel Festival
22.06.2019 – Duisburg, Rage against Racism Open Air
27.07.2019 – Essen, Nord Open Air
03.08.2019 – Oldenburg, Tabularaaza Festival
02.10.2019 – Augsburg, Spectrum

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