My Own Private Alaska (MOPA) – After You

After years on hiatus, My Own Private Alaska returns to the scene with the re-release of their pathbreaking debut album, “Amen”, on May 22nd. Originally released 10 years ago and filled with haunting, avantgarde post-rock & “pianocore” apokalypse atmospheres, “Amen” is an extraordinary album that without a doubt has to be re-introduced to the world of post-modern music. Produced by the man himself, Ross Robinson (SLIPKNOT, THE CURE, KORN, SEPULTURA & many more), and with countless tours all over the world, incl. support shows for Metallica, the band from Toulouse, France, finally announced their comeback with one of the most anticipated, anniversary reissues of the year, “Amen”!

“We’re so happy and proud to have our Amen-LP released 10 years after these years. We met so many beautiful bands during our tours : WILL HAVEN, GOJIRA, EZ3KIEL, AMENRA, HYPNO5E… We share with these bands the extrem willing for giving pure pieces of our souls on stage, not driven by anything but humanity, gratitude and personal sincerity. We were proud to be compared to bands we truly respect, in terms of emotions, vocals, our melodies, like ENVY, NINE INCH NAILS, or LA DISPUTE. We now hope to live new adventures, thanks to our new partners (Ora Mgmt / Haydn Britland / Awal / The Link / All Noir).” the band comments.

Between aesthetic disproportion and formal minimalism, My Own Private Alaska takes the bias of authenticity. Evoking the ghosts of Chopin and the crescendos of Envy, their music is captivating, dark and joyful at once. Architects of a fragile and imposing universe, these four musicians have marked the spirits. In the numeric era, My Own Private Alaska offers an antidote to the widespread indifference which we are the silent witnesses to each moment on Facebook, this new «siecle du mal» which Baudelaire has made the prediction at the turn of last century. The fascination of this French group unfolds a unique opportunity to dig into a captivating film noir synchronizing your cardiac palpitations to the conscience of a band that defies easy labelling. During their live shows, all band members sit to play. The bass guitar is replaced by a keyboard, that takes care of the bass part, dark textures and drone landscapes. Following a successful collaboration with Ross Robinson, the group continues to polarize while imposing his enigmatic formula.

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