Myrath – “Believer” (Live in Carthage)

2019 was a big year for the Tunisian metal band and pioneers of blazing desert metal Myrath! They wowed international audiences with their magical stage performances, for example at Sweden’s renowned Sweden rock festival or at Germany’s Wacken Open Air. Furthermore, the band released their brand new studio album “Shehili” – a beautiful collection of powerful metal choruses set against a backdrop of Middle Eastern melodies. Now in 2020, the Tunisian success story release the first ever live album of their promising career.

“Live In Carthage”includes stunning live recordings of the best songs from past Myrath albums with classics like “Believer”, “Dance”, “Get Your Freedom Back”or “Endure The Silence”.The songs on the album establish a contrast between rhythmic, uplifting melodies and well-developed, heart-breaking lyrics. The live video material transports the viewer into a magical setting with spectacular stage decorations and performances from an impressive belly dancer embedded in the powerful sounds produced by the band. To top this off, the CD includes a very special studio recording of the most popular Myrathanthem “Believer”, that none other than Deep Purple’s Don Airey contributed his skills on keys to.

“Live In Carthage” will be released as a CD+DVD Digipakand Digitalon April 17th, 2019on earMUSIC. The pre-order is available now:

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