Neànder – Eremit

October 9th 2020 will see Berlin- based collective, neànder, return with their brand new, sophomore album “eremit”, only one and a half year after releasing their critically acclaimed debut. With their upcoming magnum opus, neànder continue to evolve their very own blend of heavy music that draws on musical elements of doom, ambient and black metal. A bleak and desolate atmosphere casts its shadow on this record, while the band cuts a dark crystal playing with variations of light and shade.”We wanted to dig deeper into our own sound. As a result the riffs are slower and heavier than before and the epic parts are way more intense“ said the band earlier. “This album is all about finding your indentity. Figure out who you are and then head out for the next chapter“ adds guitarist Jan Korbach. “We wrote our first album over a period of three years, but this one only took 6 months. And this really sticks it all together.“

Today, neànder have premiered a moody visualizer to the crushing album title track, “eremit”. The single is available via several digital platforms here! “We didn’t felt that the new song ‘Eremit’ needed a music video in the classical sense.“ Korbach continues. “Like some band playing in a warehouse (I can say it, because I’ve done this too many times). Like this one can focus 100% on the music. In my mind the visualizer reflects the mood of the song perfectly. A creature from outta space (so to say) – that is not to be named yet – created the 3D animation.” Dive into the massive soundscape of neànder and watch the clip for “eremit” here

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