Berlin-based neànder, who took the heavy music scene by storm with their critically acclaimed, self-titled debut album in 2019, have announced an exclusive, full stream of a blistering live set. The instrumental four-piece collective, who formed in 2017 and features members of Blackgazers Ånd, Hardcore Punks Patsy O’ Hara, Berlin Sludgers Earth Ship and live band musicians from Indie outfit Casper, perfectly combines sweeping ambient sounds with the intensity of a Norwegian Black Metal band. neànder have created their very own blend of heavy music that draws on musical elements of doom, post-rock, stoner, ambient and black metal. Their first full-length album, released last year via Through Love Records, gained the band high praise from both fans and critics alike, followed by an extensive touring schedule while sharing the stages with artists such as Pelican, Inter Arma or Big Business.

Since neànder would have played at this year’s Orange Blossom Special Festival in Germany, the band just announced to stream their intended live show exclusively and in support of Kulturretter, an initiative to help and save the cultural sector in these dark days of Covid-19.

“The live stream was the first show of 2020. This is all pretty strange.“ neànder comments. “But it felt so good to put out the gear, load the bus and play a concert again. We’re all really happy to be a part of this and want to give thanks and hugs to OBS Festival, Kulturretter, FLBackline and our friends of Raum 7 filming and doing sound. Please head over to and buy some merch in support of creative artists, clubs and festivals.”

Dive into the king’s of heavy slowness’ bleak and desolate sound atmosphere, epic riffs and a mesmerizing performance, when neànder will hit the stage this Thursday, July 2nd at 20:30PM CEST going live

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