NO POSSESSION – new album

The record label Melodic Passion Records is very proud to release the first single “Lights out” by No Possession from their upcoming album, Third time‘s a charm. No Possession captures the sweet old rock ’n‘ roll vinyl sound and you will hear echoes from the past (Rolling Stones, Faces, Deep Purple, Black Crowes & Aerosmith) and sounds from today (John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa, Rival Sons).   Producing the song together in the studio made the band a tight knit unit with a unique rock ’n roll sound.

Micko (lead vocals and guitar) says: The band started to work on the new material like we were training for a championship fight. We are looking forward to deliver high octane live shows again. The mastering was handled by Narnia‘s CJ Grimmark and he made it sound like an old classic vinyl single.

Pre-order the album HERE:

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