Northmaan – Persevere (Unplugged)

NORTHMAAN has released an unplugged version of “Persevere”. Northmaan comments on the story behind the reworking of the track: “The unplugged version of “Persevere” came from an idea I had while out walking in what ‘used’ to be an old forest. There are sections taken from the album version that I think work well together. I also wanted to keep the melodic side softer to accompany the guitars. It’s not a re-written track by any way shape or form, more a sideways glance with the original message still in there and subtle dark tones that keep the Northmaan vibe present” . “The video has a message all of it’s own. Something I felt angered and upset about, however you can make up your own mind on that one – Enjoy!”

The original version of the track was featured on the self titled album ’Northmaan‘ which was released on Devfire Entertainment on March 26, 2021. Northmaan’ was recorded at Northstone Studios – South Wales. It was recorded, produced and mixed by Jayce Lewis the renowned solo artist who has written and worked with the likes of – Queen, Gary Numan, Acid Reign, Robyn, Fear Factory.. and a member of Ex-Fear Factory front man Burton C.Bell’s – Ascension of The Watchers..

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