OddFellas – Walk On By

Pampa, Texas, alternative rockers OddFellas premiere the music video for “Walk On By,” a song from their upcoming self-titled debut EP. OddFellas is set for a worldwide release on September 20, 2019, via Pavement Entertainment. The EP is also available for pre-order and includes “Walk On By.” Stream the track now on iTunes and Spotify.

Vocalist and guitarist, Drake Fisher, shares how “Walk On By” is a love song at its core, which documents rough patches in relationships. His marriage served as an inspiration. Fisher says, “I feel like nowadays all you see is people trying to prove how ‘perfect’ their relationships are. I wanted to be honest while writing this song. It’s not all butterflies and blue skies. Sometimes, you don’t even realize what you’re putting your spouse through, but during those times your spouse has no idea what you’re going through as well.”

Aaron Mckinney-Danner, manager of OddFellas, discusses the behind-the-scenes elements of the video for “Walk On By.” He says, “While shooting this video, I truly wanted to capture the emotion behind the song. We used a basement under one of the venues the guys played at in our hometown and they gave us free rein. We spray painted the walls and even destroyed a couch. We wanted a dark setting with a ‘broken home’ feel to it that I hope everyone can relate to when they watch the video.”

OddFellas formed in 2017. The emerging band has toured actively since its inception. Some highlights include playing SXSW, Hell & Heaven Fest (Mexico City), Rocklahoma, and Sturgis Buffalo Chip.

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