Oracle – Pandora’s Box

Three-piece metal band Oracle is proud to bring you their latest release, Hindsight Is 2020, via Pavement Entertainment. Hindsight Is 2020 is the follow-up to the band’s 2019 release, entitled Forgotten Songs from Camp Yeti.

Oracle says, “During the creation of Hindsight Is 2020, there was no debate on which songs should be included. This album means a lot to us because it is a reflection of our past fueled by mission statements for our future––one which has involved a reincarnation of what we are as musicians. Listeners will be able to connect on deep inward psychological levels and with more outward messages of hope and perseverance.”

Oracle is comprised of father/son duo, Ray (bass) and Trey Ozinga (drums), along with longtime fellow area musician Jason Long (vocals and guitar). Together, they hope to bring listeners to new and exciting angles of the heavy metal world while keeping the music easily digestible and powerful.

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