ORCumentary -The Betrayer’s Song

New England comedic metal act ORCumentary has unleashed “Betrayer’s Song”. The track is from the upcoming release “Fully ORChestrated”,which takes many classic ORCumentary songs and swaps out their electric guitars and traditional drums for searing strings, blaring brass, terrifying timpani, and tooting flutes. Orc Adams commented: “The Betrayer’s Song” is one of my favorite songs off my previous album, “Destroy the Dwarves”. The original is perhaps the fastest, heaviest, and darkest ORCumentary songs to date, and yet this ORChestrated version is just as intense even with strings, brass, and timpani in place of heavy guitars and drums. The new arsenal of instruments allowed me to go crazy with this re-arrangement, and I’m especially proud of the epic flute-centered outro.”

Pre-order: https://orcumentary.bigcartel.com/

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